Bitcoin SV [BSV] Development Rapidly Grows to Nearly 400 Ventures & Projects Worldwide

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The Bitcoin SV [BSV] ecosystem has rapidly grown to approximately 400 ventures and projects around the world.

According to a regularly-updated chart (prepared by BSV project Peergame) that compiles information from BSV/, GitHub and other resources, as of January 19, 2020, there were 394 known companies, services, developer resources, protocol layers and protocol projects built on or for BSV.  With new projects being announced on a regular basis, the number will soon surpass 400.

BSV emerged just over a year ago, in November 2018, as the new identity for the original Bitcoin protocol.  Thus, the 394 project count translates to a meteoric development rate of almost 1 (0.91) new project per day.  BSV development spans the globe, with an especially strong presence in the United StatesAsiaAustralia, and Europe.  Bitcoin SV projects also encompass diverse industry sectors, with ventures already making BSV blockchain use cases involving media & entertainment, social media, casino gaming, online games, supply chain, digital advertising, data marketplaces, distributed network intelligence, Internet of Things, banking and, of course, payments.  Multi-purpose protocols and tools are also offered for tokenization and smart contracts on BSV.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) is the only project that adheres to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original protocol, design and massive scaling vision for Bitcoin to become a peer-to-peer electronic cash system and global data ledger for the enterprise.  The BSV blockchain has seen application development explode globally as developers and businesses make use of BSV’s greater scaling, data and micropayments capacities.  Growing usage has led BSV’s network transactions and average block size block counts to regularly surpass BTC and even surpass the Ethereum network on some days.

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of Bitcoin Association (the global industry organization that backs Bitcoin SV), remarks:  “It is exciting to see so many developers, entrepreneurs and now some enterprises see the advantages of Bitcoin SV.  In the BSV ecosystem, we focus on building applications with real utility so we grow real value, rather than just waiting for the price of a cryptocurrency to magically go up for no reason.  In 2020, the Bitcoin Association will accelerate our global work to support even faster growth of development projects and ventures on the BSV blockchain.”

The Bitcoin SV network is preparing for its “Genesis” hard fork on February 4, 2020, which will restore the Bitcoin protocol as closely as possible to Satoshi’s original design.  This is a key step in Bitcoin SV‘s journey to finally unlock the massive on-chain scaling power and greater technical capabilities that were always possible with Bitcoin’s technology platform.  Bitcoin SV will enable a world where data, transactions and digital activity of all types can be “on-chain” on a single public blockchain, just like the world operates online on a single public Internet.

To hear from Bitcoin SV industry leaders, come to the CoinGeek London conference on February 20-21, 2020 at the historic Old Billingsgate venue in London.  And visit to learn more about BSV.