How Can a Press Release Boost Internet and Business Traffic?

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Publicity is indispensable when running an organization, whether your company is brick and mortar or on the Internet. Money is often tight when starting or running a business after the initial investment and startup cost owners often face having little or even no budget for advertising. Press releases can be one of the most beneficial and cost-effective ways to promote your products and services.

Creating a press release is a great means of driving targeted business traffic and reach larger targeted audience bases.

Well-prepared press releases also attract reporters when well maximized for distribution to a targeted audience.

  1. Posting press releases to several news wire services on the web create backlinks to your site. These backlinks in multiple places on the internet all pointing in the direction of your website help to boost search engine page-rank. Because the majority of website traffic comes from search engines, traffic increases with page rank.
  2. Routine press release distribution about your business, products, or services also helps to grow your brand by placing the names of your business, products, or services in the minds of individuals. The more regularly your business and services show up on the internet the more it is perceived as a professional in its particular niche.

How to Compose an Excellent Press Release:

Starting Solid

Make your title and initial lines cover, the most important things you intend to share. The remaining part of your news release must illustrate the thorough info.


Use the company, product, or service name multiple times in your press release. Repeat the name of your service or product to make it noteworthy. Also, create creative and unique names for products and services while trying to avoid abbreviations.

Grammar & Spelling Matters

Prepare your press release by using services such as Grammarly and Microsoft Word grammar and Spell Checkers. Journalists appreciate well-written press releases. Having a well-written release requiring little to no modification increases the likelihood of your release being selected.

Customer Focus

Think about your potential customers and have a firm understanding of whom you are targeting with your press release. Write a release that you yourself would want to read as a member of your target market.

Be Realistic and Factual

Make your press release realistic and factual. Point out the genuine realities of your company, product, and services. Respect your audience, visitors are bright enough to know and figure out what holds true and what does not.

Energetic Voice

Your press release needs to remain in an energetic voice. Verbs in the active voice make your press release more interesting to read.

Superfluous Adjectives & Extravagant Language

Refrain from using superfluous adjectives and extravagant language, or unneeded expressions and tell your story with minimal words, as redundancy sidetracks from your objective.

Exclamations Points

Refrain from using lots of exclamations points. Overutilization of exclamation points (!) might harm your press release.


Obtain approval prior to putting in quotes or price estimates regarding the business.

Company Information

The press release ought to consist of a short summary of the company, which illustrates your firm, products, service, and also a brief history of the company. Be sure to include all relevant contact information and links to relevant products or services.

Now that you understand the benefits and basics of composing a great press release reach reporters, new clients, and generate awareness, for your business, product or service, by submitting a  Free CJsGO Press Release Today.