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Poverty Rate by Race/Ethnicity

Median Value of Assets for Households, by Type of Asset Owned and Selected Characteristics

wdt_ID Category White Black Asian Hispanic origin

NOTE: In dollars. Estimates are conditional on asset ownership. Sample excludes group quarters and households in which the household reference person was either living outside the United States in December, living in institutionalized group quarters in December, or was living in a non-permanent accommodation in December. (0) – Base is less than 200,000 households, or sample size less than 50. Estimates rounded to four signficant digits. ‘Other Assets’ includes assets from a catch-all question, and includes assets such as coins, jewelry, artwork, mortgages paid to household members, other loans owed to household members, or royalties.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Survey of Income and Program Participation, 2014 Panel, Wave 3
Internet Release Date: 6/7/2019

Unemployment Rate by State

State Population group
wdt_ID State Population group Unemployment Rate

Note: Data for demographic groups are not shown when the labor force base does not meet the BLS publication standard of reliability for the area in question, as determined by the sample size. Items may not sum to totals because of rounding. Estimates for the race groups shown in the table do not sum to totals because data are not presented for all races. In addition, people whose ethnicity is identified as Hispanic or Latino may be of any race and, therefore, are classified by ethnicity as well as by race. For information on the preliminary nature of the statewide data, see

T= 2,136

Police Killings

Total Name M/F Date City ST County Weapon
Total wdt_ID Name Age M/F Date City ST County Weapon Article
T= 2,136

Total Murders By State (2013 – 2020)


T= 934


T= 1,406

Total Victims

T= 2,340

Mass Shootings

Date Year State Race Gender
wdt_ID Incident Date Year City State Fatalities Injured Ttl. Victims Age Race Gender
T= 934 T= 1,406 T= 2,340
Avg = 8.19 Avg = 12.33 Avg = 20.53

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