‘Quick Mining’ Launch. Mining Based DeFi Services Platform

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The Quick Mining General Services Platform aims to create a healthy ecosystem for the mining industry based on blockchain hash power supporting various services, such as mining equipment sales, mining consignment management, mining equipment leasing, cloud mining, blockchain information service, and De-Fi (Decentralized Finance).


Ultimately, the goal is to create a unified, global, blockchain-mining, comprehensive service platform.


QM (Quick Mining Token) is the only key currency used on the Quick Mining platform. Users who own QM can enjoy various benefits while using platform services. They can use QM to pay for hash power, electricity, consignment management costs, platform service costs, and De-Fi service costs. QM holders can be deeply involved in the development of our Quick Mining platform and share the revenue generated from the Quick Mining platform.

QM is currently listed on multiple exchanges such as Bitmart, WBF, and the Quick Mining platform, which provides De-Fi services that recently drove the sudden price increase in the cryptocurrency market. QM has been developing at a rapid pace and proudly establishing itself as a leader in DeFi services and the mining industry.

Quick mining token chart