Have You Ever Dreamed of Having Your Own Wine or Spirits Brand?

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An educational program designed for entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

PHILADELPHIA /CJsGo News/ — Booze Business Master Class is the first educational program designed for entrepreneurs who have dreamed of owning a wine or spirits brand, and industry professionals looking to gain a better understanding of disciplines outside their areas of expertise. The course will distill decades of experience to a day or two of teaching, offering a clear overview on everything from brand ideation to product selection and manufacturer negotiation, importation and logistics, packaging and pricing, distribution, sales, and marketing. The first full-day classes will be in a webinar format and will evolve into one and two day in-person events.


Booze Business Master Class

Booze Business Master Class

“I am excited to launch this educational tool and help the future generation of entrepreneurs not make the same mistakes so many do. Even though we are living in the information age, finding the map and getting directions is not easy. No one ever hits a fuzzy target,” says Olie Berlic, Founder. The program will be fun, entertaining and inspiring for those looking to get into the business. The goal is to give participants the tools and information they will need to navigate the complex and quickly changing the regulatory landscape. We will save our attendees tons of hours researching information, and tens of thousands of dollars in missteps, attorneys’ fees and university tuition.


Olie Berlic is a licensed US Importer, International Spirits Judge and former competitive Sommelier with over 20 years of experience working with elite leaders in the fine wines and spirits industry. Olie was a pioneer in the craft spirits movement introducing his curated collection of world-class Brazilian spirits. He’s created and brought to market distilled spirits like Beleza Pura Cachaça, a ready to drink Caipirinha (cocktail) and his wine, The Sommelier’s Selection. His work has been featured in over 100 articles in such media as The NY Times, USA Today and Food & Wine Magazine; and his passion for the industry has earned numerous awards and industry kudos.


The first full-day webinar is on December 7th.
For Our 2020 schedule will be forthcoming, please visit.

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