Citizens Killed by Police (2013—2020)

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Several high-profile cases of citizens killed by the police in the U.S. have drawn public attention to the use of lethal force and police violence by law enforcement. Examining 7,247 deaths, trends, and situations 2013-2020.

National Trends


Observation 1: Unarmed killings of Black citizens show downward trends in every state where there have been killings of unarmed Black citizens 2013-2020.
Observation 2: Allegedly Armed killings of Black citizens show upward trends in AR, CO, GA, LA, MI, MN, MO, MS, NV, NY, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI
Observation 3: Unarmed & Allegedly Armed Black citizens are were killed at a higher rate than citizens of all races when adjusted for Black percentage of population.

Observation 4: Of the Total 7,247 Killings Analyzed

Black=28.19% (0.97% Female / 27.20 Male / 0.06% Trans)
White=49.11% (3.33% Female / 45.75 Male / 0.06% Trans)
Hispanic=28.19% (0.73% Female /18.22% Male /0.01% Trans)
Asian=1.71% (0.10% Female / 1.60% Male)
Native American=1.37% (0.08% Female / 1.28% Male)
Pacific Islander= 2.63% (0.03% Female / 0.61% Male)

Observation 5: Average Age

Female = 37.8
Male = 36.2
Transgender = 28.4

Observation 6: Citizens Killed by Police Departments

Police Department Total
Los Angeles Police Department 119
Phoenix Police Department 110
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department 92
Chicago Police Department 71
New York Police Department 69
Houston Police Department 65
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department 62
U.S. Marshals Service 51
San Antonio Police Department 49
Oklahoma City Police Department 47

Trend Lines Model

Linear trend model is computed for count of 2013-2020 Police Killings given Date (Year).
The model may be significant at p <= 0.05.

Model formula:
Victim’s race*( Year of Date of Incident) + intercept )

Trend Line
P-value: 0.0494367

Coefficient Ex.: Race= Black  Year =2020

Term Value StdErr t-value p-value
Year -0.01307 0.005324 2.45526 0.049437
Intercept 594.892 226.606 2.62523 0.03931

Unclear if Citizen had a Weapon Table.

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