Splenda Supports 10-Yr-Old Philadelphia Entrepreneur’s Lemonade Stand

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With so much going on positive and uplifting stories like this are a welcomed change of pace.

Spenda Helps Fuel Young Entrepreneur

Splenda, the leader in low-calorie sweetener products, recently presented local Philadelphia 10-year-old Micah Harrigan with a $1,000 college scholarship check, a custom bike, and a year’s supply of Splenda product to help his lemonade stand business, Micah’s Mixx, reach more customers throughout the city.


Erepreneurship Splenda® Supports 10-Yr-Old Philadelphia Entrepreneur’s Lemonade Stand

Sweet Dreams. 10-year-old Micah Harrigan looks forward to growing his Micah’s Mixx lemonade stand and reaching more customers throughout Philadelphia. Helping with that, national brand Splenda® low-calorie sweeteners surprised him with a college scholarship check, a custom Micah’s Mixx-branded bike, and years’ worth of Splenda.

Micah and his lemonade stand business, currently operating outside of OCF Coffee House on the corner of 20th and Federal Streets in South Philadelphia, caught the attention of Splenda when he posted on his Instagram account, @micahsmixx, about his line of sugar-free flavors, including strawberry, peach, watermelon, and traditional lemon, all made with Splenda.


“Some people in my family have diabetes so I decided I should make some sugar-free flavors so everyone can enjoy my Micah’s Mixx lemonade,”

Micah Harrigan.


“When we first heard about Micah’s business, we were so inspired. It’s not every day that you see such a young entrepreneur building a business with such enthusiasm and drive,”

“We admire how he’s expanded his line of delicious lemonade offerings to be sugar-free using Splenda, offering something for all diet types. We heard that one of his goals was to save up for college, so we’re thrilled to be offering him $1,000 towards a college scholarship and a custom bike to reach more Philadelphia residents.”

Tiffany Jennings, Sales Director at Splenda