Media Slander | ADOS (Developing)

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A collection of mischaracterizing, false, racist, hurtful and disparaging articles about Black Americans (ADOS) from around the web. (Excel Download)

Media Slander

wdt_ID Outlet Author Twitter Article Editor Phone # Email
1 A Better World Ahjamu Umi
2 AAACE (Good Article) Dr. Lisa R. Brown and Dr. William Darity, Jr
3 ABC News Samara Lynn 212-456-2020
4 Amsterdam News Felicia Persaud
5 AP News RUSSELL CONTRERAS "JAM AIWUYOR Brain Trust" 304-526-2798 [email protected]
6 Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership C Davida Ingram
7 Black Agenda Radio (iHeartMedia, Inc.) Bruce A. Dixon
8 Black Agenda Report Bruce A. Dixon
9 Buzz Feed Ryan Brooks
10 Daily Dot Tiffanie Drayton
11 Daily Kos Eric Boehlert
12 Daily Kos Denise Oliver Velez
13 Democratic Underground, LLC luvMIdog
14 Dwayne Wong (Omowale) Dwayne Wong
15 Dwayne Wong (Omowale) Dwayne Wong
16 Face2faceAfrica NII NTREH
17 Final Call BRYAN 18X CRAWFORD
18 Final Call BRYAN 18X CRAWFORD
21 Imixwhatilike JARED BALL
22 Imixwhatilike JARED BALL
23 Lizz Dunn Left Voice
24 Media Matters TIMOTHY JOHNSON David Brock 202-772-8195 [email protected]
25 Media Matters CRISTINA LÓPEZ G. David Brock 202-772-8195 [email protected]
26 MSNBC Joy Reid [email protected]
27 MSNBC Joy Reid [email protected]
28 NBCI Trust JAM AIWUYOR "Brain Trust"
29 N'Cobra N'Cobra
30 News America sNow Felicia Persaud
31 Old School Rapper Club Talib Kweli
32 Our Legaci JAM AIWUYOR "Thirsty Tweeter"
33 Our Legaci Michael K. Fisher "JAM AIWUYOR Brain Trust"
35 The Christian Recorder JAM AIWUYOR "Thirsty Tweeter"
36 The Daily Beast Andrew Ricketts
37 The Dartmouth Tyler Malbreaux
38 The Intercept Aída Chávez
39 The Outline Hubert Adjei-Kontoh
40 The University of Texas at Austin Kevin Cokley "JAM AIWUYOR Brain Trust" 512-499-4363
41 The University of Texas at Austin Kevin Cokley "JAM AIWUYOR Brain Trust" 512-499-4363
42 Washington Post Michael Scberber
43 Washington Post Amy B. Wang
44 Washington Post Weskey Lowery
45 Harvard Kennedy School MUTALE NKONDE (Columbia) James Smith (Media Inquiries) 617-998-1780 [email protected]
46 Harvard Kennedy School MARIA Y. RODRIGUEZ (Buffalo Uni) Natascha Chtena (EDITOR IN CHIEF) 617-496-1615 [email protected]
47 Harvard Kennedy School Lenard Cortana (NYU)
48 Harvard Kennedy School JOAN K. Mukogosi (NYU)
49 Harvard Kennedy School Shakira King (AI for the People)
50 Harvard Kennedy School RAY SERRATO (MoveOn) Rahna Epting (Executive Director) 202-293-2200 [email protected]
51 Harvard Kennedy School Natalie Martinez (MoveOn) Rahna Epting (@rahnamepting) [email protected]
52 Harvard Kennedy School Mary Drummer (MoveOn) Rahna Epting (@rahnamepting) [email protected]
54 Harvard Kennedy School Momin M. Malik (MoveOn) [email protected]
55 Harvard Kennedy School Ann Lewis (MoveOn) [email protected]
57 Medium (The Daily Beast) Andrew Ricketts
58 leftoutmag Broderick Dunlap Todd St Hill Co-Founder, (Editorial Board Alyxandra) (Alyx) Goodwin Co-Founder, Editorial Board [email protected]
59 Clemson Social Media Listening Center Darren Linvill, Will Henderson, SaiDatta Mikkilineni Brandon Boatwright, Will Henderson (864) 656-1567 [email protected]