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A collection of mischaracterizing, false, racist, hurtful and disparaging articles about Black Americans (ADOS) from around the web. (Excel Download)

Media Slander

wdt_ID Outlet Author Twitter Article Editor Phone # Email
1 A Better World Ahjamu Umi
2 AAACE (Good Article) Dr. Lisa R. Brown and Dr. William Darity, Jr
3 ABC News Samara Lynn 212-456-2020
4 Amsterdam News Felicia Persaud
5 AP News RUSSELL CONTRERAS "JAM AIWUYOR Brain Trust" 304-526-2798 [email protected]
6 Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership C Davida Ingram
7 Black Agenda Radio (iHeartMedia, Inc.) Bruce A. Dixon
8 Black Agenda Report Bruce A. Dixon
9 Buzz Feed Ryan Brooks
10 Daily Dot Tiffanie Drayton
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