Investing in African Businesses

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By: Olanike, Nigeria  {{{coat_alt}}}

Africa is putting up a new storyline and its a rather remarkable one. Lots of conversations going on about the shift from a deficit continent to a continent with so many opportunities, prospects, and ventures. Companies who are quite aware of these have keyed into series of investments there. Talk about the rapid urbanization, the formalizing of its economy and even the fast-growing population of the youths which has all contributed to the growth of Africa and is determined to continue in this trend.

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Well, I can say that Africa is a continent now that many envy and Africa is growing fast taking on the different lessons learned from other countries around the world. And more importantly, if the continent doesn’t dwell too much on its trial-and-error stage, it can establish institutions and infrastructure with the most effective methods that have been tested by others.

Africa is also called a fertile land. There is a huge capacity to lead sustainability in the continent without having to change an existing framework. Talk about Agriculture and the huge mass of untouched land for agriculture and has good potential to become one of the biggest sources of food production and most importantly sustain the supply. If this happens, there’s a whole lot to benefit from by investing in industries which would, in turn, be large exporting firms around the world.

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At the moment, airports, railroads, and highways are still poorly built in most sub-Saharan African countries in Africa. However, there is so much potential to generate from this sector as it would influence importation and exportation and bring it to a whole new level. Africa has the capacity to implement an efficient, sustainable and modernized transport system which other countries would love to get done. If transportation is fixed, well we can expect massive gains in production.

African focused investors have been benefiting tremendously from the Real estate and its still a booming opportunity for more to key into. There’s a huge demand or need God high-quality commercial and residential real estates as the cuties in Africa expand and grow. Modern shopping malls are now spreading across the continent creating the rise of urban middle-class retail property need and growing multinational companies as well seem office space in emerging cities.

So also is the rise of tech hubs, expanding oil and gas sector and the huge demand for houses for job seekers and then employed as this new development creates jobs and instigates migration.

Africa is taking the lead in mobile adoption. Cell phones have created a link between Africa and the world outside. 30 million calls were made by farmers in Ethiopia through a pilot program initiated which gave farmers the opportunity to discuss agricultural techniques sigh agronomists. Investors who see this opportunity can invest in building telephone lines and bringing a mobile companion to Africa.

Image result for ethiopia cell phone chartThe World Bank predicts that Africa has just started growing, and will only flourish more with an investment ranging from banking, agricultural, transportation, importation, and exportation.

There’s a whole lot of reason to invest in Africa and the things it offers.  Come home, meet and do business with your distant relatives.