Dr. Conrad Worrill Ph.D Reparations Chronology

Dr. Conrad Worrill Ph.D Reparations Chronology

Protracted and Cumulative

Meaning if there wasn’t a guy like ‘Reparation’ Ray Jenkins, there would be not HR.40 to talk about.

Dr. Worril (R.I.P.) took the time to tweet all of this to me and others during one of our numerous exchanges in a long series of tweets over the course of 2 days.
Since he took the time to tweet it, I took the time to record it.  Enjoy.

Who was Dr. Worrill?

Conrad Worrill (August 15, 1941 – June 3, 2020) was an African-American writer, educator, activist, and talk show host for the WVON call-in program On Target. Organizations he was involved with included the Million Man March and the National Black United Front.

In 2015 Dr. Conrad Worril and Ray Winbush put together the book entitled “Chronology of the Reparations movement of Africans in America. Which he tweeted to me during one of our many “passionate” Twitter exchanges

Reparations Chronology

Dr. Worril’s Website

Archive of his website just in case his Site disappears.

Date Event Info / Links
wdt_ID Date Event Info / Links
1 1865 The sellout of Field Order #15; Callie House, National Ex Slave Mutual Relief Bounty and Pension Association No Pensions for Ex-Slaves
2 1890-1916 UNIA and the Garvey Movement. UNIA Timeline
3 1948 Genocide Convention Treaty United Nations. Crime of Genocide
4 1950 Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad begins to voice their demands for Reparations. What The Muslims Want
5 1950 Robert Brock started Reparations Movement in Calif., spent 40 years working on the issue. REPARATIONS AS DEFINED BY ATTORNEY DR. ROBERT L. BROCK Robert Brock Case For Reparations
6 1951 Paul Robeson, William Patterson, W.E.B. DuBois launch Genocide Campaign.
7 1955 Reemergence of grassroots organizing around the demand for Reparations.
8 1962 Queen Mother Moore & Dara Abubakari form Reparations Committee they delivered communique to The United Nations. Interview Congressional Record
9 1963 Organized petition of one million signature for support of the demand for Reparations. Can't Find Petition
10 1968 The founding of Republic of New Afrika (R.N.A) with Imari Obadele. Video
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