Press Release Terms and Conditions

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We do not approve submissions with spammy content. We only accept quality press releases from credible sources.

We do not accept:

  • Adult or Pornographic Content
  • Fake news with false Information
  • Casinos /Gambling-related news
  • Payday Loans or cash advance schemes.
  • Any Spammy press releases
  • Viruses, Hacking or Malware
  • Ezine articles, Howto, Guides, Opinions,
  • PR with Unauthorized Stock Ticker Symbol
  • TV or online Streaming Video Websites
  • Libelous/ Hate speech content
  • Disputes or litigation in courts.
  • Unsafe Weight Loss, Health Supplements or Online Pharmaceuticals
  • Make Money Schemes
  • Link spam (content solely written for links)
  • Cryptocurrency and ICO
  • Online gaming Gold or cash
  • Online Dating or matchmaking spam
  • Drugs, Marijuana-related content
  • Weight-loss related content
  • Electronic cigarettes related news
  • Market research spam
  • Affiliate software or marketing content
  • Replica shopping-related

We selectively approve free press releases with high-quality content. One of our editors will manually review your news release and edit changes, if necessary.

To prevent fake news, please quote links to official sources when posting a press release.