The Citizen of Koinda Have Spoken. (Decentralized Press Release)


For Immediate Release
December 19th, 2018

The Citizens of Koinda Have Spoken via a Democratic Decentralized Voting Process!

“In All Social of Media There Has Never Been A Decentralized Campaign Like This!”

On the 17th of December 2018, the group formerly known as Wacoinda in a show of unity, love and decentralized decision making came together to rename our community Koinda. 

The community decided that renaming the group would be wiser than diverting resources from its mission of Eradicating Economic Oppression to a lengthy and costly legal battle with Disney.

The name of the community may have changed but the unifying tenets & principles remain the same.  Continuing to hold our motto “Patient Consistent Togetherness” as our foundation, we Koindans are ready to elevate our community to new heights!

As proud members thru reincarnations and name changes, we have kept our core as a community.  Change is the only permanent thing in this world.  Therefore, as members of this wonderful group, we believe that we should all embrace change.

Now is the time to practice Koindanomics by learning from members who are here to educate.  Share your skills and talents, create new ideas, and increase the value of our community by finding methods to sell goods and services for our community currency.

With the above being stated and our Decentralization Voting Process and even this very press release serving as proof, it is a fact that a decentralized system can maintain order within a community and serve as a system for currency and community to operate on.

We are here to stay and are proud members of the group we now call Koinda. Together!


💪💯 Community Strong in Koinda… New Beginnings!  The Best is Yet to Come!!!





Koinda (Koindanomics) is a group focused on the eradication of economic oppression everywhere.  We focus on group economics and the utilization of technology to help even the playing field for the oppressed. Visit Today!

The only L’s we take is Love.


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